Doctors Noticed A Weird Bruise On Her Belly, When They Checked The Ultrasound… I Can’t Believe It!

Starting a new family is always an exciting challenge, and when a woman is pregnant, there are plenty of things that can go wrong. Of course, usually baby and mom stay happy and healthy with a little effort on mom’s part — that, combined with a great team of doctors often ensures a safe, drama-free delivery and exciting new addition to the world.

But in the case of this mom, things were a little bit different. She and her husband got pregnant in an unconventional way, and instead of being blessed with one baby, they ended up faced with the prospect of five. Quintuplets are pretty rare, and what it takes to deliver them safely into the world is tenuous at best. Luckily, this is one story that starts off kind of scary, but has nothing but a happy ending. Learn more about the Garcia’s and their new (huge) little family below.

All pregnant women are at risk for certain complications.

But when you’re pregnant with quintuplets, that risk increases by five.

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