Do You Ever Wondered Why Airplanes Are Color White?

First of all, 'White' is 'Evergreen' color.

Have you ever given a thought during your safe air journey as to why the airplanes are always painted white in color?  So, we have a few practical reasons to explain you this undiscovered and interesting fact. First of all, ‘White’ is ‘Evergreen’ color. This picture is of TWA L1011, which is parked since 15 years. What my point is that usually dark colors fade away sooner, but white takes the time to fade away. Dark colors fade away when exposed more to the sun, and when we talk about traveling in the air, it’s like about being 30,000 ft. in the sky which in turn means more proximity with the UV radiations. White is a color which is easy to maintain and clean and comparatively looks better than the other colors when fades.

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