After 300 Years The Doctors Discovered The Horrifying Secret This Baby Took To Its Final Resting Place

For most people, discovering someone’s mummified remains would be the most scarring experience of their lives. And as if things couldn’t get worse, what if that mummy was a baby?

One person’s nightmare is another one’s dream come true. And today’s dreamer is Ildiko Szikossy, a Hungarian anthropologist. Her excitement about the discovery of a 300-year-old mummy and her infant son beneath a Hungarian church isn’t morbid fascination, however.

Instead, she’s excited about how well-preserved both of these mummies were. Now, there are so many possibilities for what secrets can be uncovered now that they’ve been found. Not just for this long-lost family, but for the other 250 souls buried with them.

Check out the full video to see what the key to life in those darker days looks like.

And a number of California doctors are excited as well. Because this find now gives them the opportunity to perform their first virtual autopsy. When the mummies were found back in the 90s, none of this would have been possible. But now, advancements in CT scan technology allow doctors to examine a fully interactive 3D model of the mummies without the risk of damaging them.

It was suspected that Veronica Orlovitz and her little son Johannes died from tuberculosis, but soon we’ll be able to learn what really happened.

Be sure not to miss the full video and see how doctors are putting this puzzle together.

Source: Diply, YouTube

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